XML API Documentation


  1. Requirements
  2. Submitting a Request
  3. Check if Token Works
  4. Sample of a bad request
  5. Create Contact List
  6. Add Subscriber to a List
  7. Add Subscriber to a List Group
  8. Add Or Update Subscriber
  9. Delete Subscribers
  10. Get Custom Field Data
  11. Update Custom Field Data
  12. Get Lists
  13. Get Subscribers
  14. Is Contact on List
  15. Add subscriber to addhoc list
  16. Activate user
  17. Deactivate user
  18. Enable API
  19. Disable API

The XML API allows users to run many functions using XML requests.The XML API makes it possible to programmatically update and use your system without needing to physically access it. As XML is a general purpose markup language you can use it to communicate from your application.

To make use of the XML API you will need to be running PHP 5.1.2 or higher.

This document is designed to explain the purpose of these functions and to provide examples of their use.

Submitting a Request
The XML Path will look similar to the following: